Manufacturer & Dealer of Wire Ropes

July 17th, 2020

Manufacturer & Dealer of Wire Ropes
Wire Ropes, Synthetic Ropes, Steel Wire Rope
Pulleys & Lifts, Self Locking Eye Hook, Chain Pulley Block, Duplex Round Slings, Steel Wire Rope, Lifting Clamps, Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Endless Chain Electric Blocks, Mini Electric Wire Hoist, Chain Pulley Block (Chain Hoist), Geared Monorail Travelling Trolley, Forged Wire Rope Clips, Forged Shackles, Alloy Bolt Type Shackles, Wire Rope Pulley Blocks, Turn Buckles, Synthetic Ropes, Lifting Chain, Texpower Round Slings

Product List
1.Wire Ropes

Wire Ropes

2.Synthetic Ropes

Synthetic Ropes

3.Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope

Pulley & Lifts
1.Pulleys & Lifts

Pulley & Lifts

2.Self Locking Eye Hook

Self Locking Eye Hook

3.Chain Pulley Block

Chain Pulley Block

4.Wire Rope Pulley Blocks

Wire Rope Pulley Blocks

5.Pulling & Lifting Machine

Pulling & Lifting Machine

Slings & Belt
1.Round Slings

2.Webbing Slings

3.Texpower Round Slings

4.Ratchet Straps

Hoist & Trolley
1.Electric Wire Rope Hoist

2.Endless Chain Electric Blocks

3.Mini Electric Wire Hoist

4.Geared Monorail Travelling Trolley

Buckles & Shackles
1.Forged Shackles

2.Turn Buckles

3.Lifting Clamps

4.Open Socket

Polyester Slings Safety Factors 6-1

Applications : It is used for the equipment of lifting, hoisting and hauling.

CD 1 Series Electric Wire Rope Hoist
CD 1 series electric hoist is compactly designed
*It has advantages such as lightweight, small bulk and convenient operation.
*It can be adapted to overhead rails as well as in conjunction with many types of electric or manual cranes such as the single – girder crane, the double -grinder crane, the cantilever crane and the gantry crane.

Serew Pin
*Working Load Limit permanently shown on every shackle.
*Forged — Quenched and Tempered, with alloy pins.
*Capacities 1/3 thru 300 tons.
*From Govt. Approved test house on request